Surviving a long haul flight with kids!

Surviving a long haul flight with kids!

Which ever way you cut it 22 hours in the air is a killer! Add a child (or children) to the mix and your pretty much asking for at least one major meltdown.

We recently flew with Emirates from Heathrow to Perth, Western Australia with our four year old in tow. Aside from a couple of hairy moments, we escaped without battle wounds! So I thought I’d share a few handy tips for travelling with kids that we picked up along the way.

Visit your local Pound/Dollar store

I popped into Poundland (other £ stores also available!) and grabbed some washable markers….handy on a plane, a couple of colouring in books, sticker books and a bunch of little hand luggage friendly toys (cars, puzzles etc). These were invaluable on such a long flight. We rewarded good behaviour but equally used them as trump cards when the hairy moments loomed. We also had a biggish present waiting for when we arrived in Perth (Lego set). You’d be surprised what they’ll do for a big present!

Emirates provided a great kids pack (funky little satchel bag) on each leg which includes travel related puzzles, colouring in and fun activities. They also gave L a fab animal blanket toy (we ended up with 4 of them!). Great as a cuddly toy, also completely functional.

Change of clothes

Sounds basic but boy did we need them. We took a full change plus an extra t-shirt and pants. We changed him in Dubai and then he got really mucky on the Dubai-Perth leg so that extra t-shirt came in handy. We also packed a toothbrush, toothpaste, first aid kit and lots of wipes!

Snacks (take them!)

We packed up a zippable lunch bag with a smorgasbord of treats. We were able to take it all through security. We packed the following:

– Rice cakes
– Heinz fruit tubes (from the baby aisle)
– Humzinger fruit sticks
– Small packs of Raisins
– Little bags of Haribo (great for take off and landing)
– Dairy Free Chocolate buttons
– Crisps

Lochlan has a dairy allergy so we opted for more fruit based snacks. He absolutely loves fruit and we found that the airlines don’t always carry actual pieces of fruit.

Emirates provided great dairy free meals for him but if your child has hollow legs like ours then snacks are a lifesaver!

Concentrated Squash squeezee

This was THE best thing we took for Lochlan. If like us you have a water shy child and don’t want them drinking fruit juice all the time, the squeezee is the answer! They are super concentrated tiny tubes of squash (cordial). We found that even a tiny squeeze, just enough to colour the water was good enough for Lochlan. He thought he was getting juice but it was super watered down. We used it for the whole holiday! They are under 100ml so perfect for the plane.

Electronics (tablet)

Whilst we don’t ordinarily encourage L to use tablets too much on a 22 hour flight they can be a lifesaver! We loaded his tablet with games and movies before we left. Whilst Emirates does have great in flight entertainment we found that L used the tablet more. We took comfy headphones for him and we was quite happy to spent a couple of hours watching a movie.

We also took along a few books and some school work. He practised his letters, numbers and we did a bit of reading.

Emirates baggage allowance is excellent, 10kg of hand luggage and 30kg of hold luggage. It means you can pack everything (and the kitchen sink) that you need for a long haul flight with a child!

I think the biggest tip I can give anyone is to…relax! Not everything will go to plan and the journey is half the fun. I hope you find some of these little tips helpful!

Thanks for reading

L x

*please note that some of the images used in this blog were courtesy of google and are for illustrative purposes only. This was not a paid review. Our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. April 22, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    Lovely tips & tricks! Thanks, travelling with little ones made easy!

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