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Pumpkin Carving Madness 

October 30, 2017

So we decided yesterday that it would be a home day, being the official last day of the half term holidays we were all a bit tired. A few weeks ago we went to our local pick your own farm, Cattows Farm and picked three awesome pumpkins. They have been solemly sitting on the kitchen floor ever since so yesterday we decided it was time to carve them! 

L was super excited as he absolutely knew how he wanted to carve his. He is obsessed with Disneys The Nightmare before Christmas and Jack Skellington is his hero. So he wanted to create a Jack inspired pumpkin.

Surprisingly there was not actually much inside the pumpkins so cleaning them out was easy. We then got the sharpies out ready to draw on designs. L and Graham decided to go for traditional carved designs whereas me I decided to attempt something I had seen on Pinterest. I should have known then that is was a very bad idea! 

L drew his design onto his clean pumpkin and using the £2 carving set we bought at Butlins last weekend started to carve out his masterpiece (with supervison of course). We were so impressed at the skill. This boy has a future pumpkin king award coming his way. 

After he’d carved the face he then painted the full pumpkin with chalky antique white paint and waited for it dry. I covered mine in the same paint. My amazing idea was to cover half the pumpkin in gold glitter. Now this would have been ok had I chosen a lovely small gourd but no I had chosen a large full sized pumpkin. 

Graham decided he wanted to carve something freaky and set about carving his fiendish design. Our £2 carving set was certainly money well spent. The knife was so good and Graham flew through his. 

Our painted pumpkins dried quickly and L set about making his look like Jack Skellington. He used some black acrylic paint to paint the eyes and mouth, then with a little help from me painted on Mr Skellingtons trademark bow tie.

I sort of knew before we started that mine would be a challenge. As per the Pinterest instructions I masked off half the pumpkin and painted the top half with Mod Podge. Then I got my enormous gold glitter shaker and started pouring the glitter on. Did I say that I was doing this outside?….in the wind! Not only did I empty the entire pot of glitter onto my pumpkin but I proceeded to cover our garden and probably the neighbours in a wonderful coat of golden sparkle. Graham and L were not impressed because it covered there pumpkins as well. Realising what an absolute idiot I had been I then poured the whole bottle of Mod Podge over the pumpkin in an attempt to seal in the billion specks of evil glitter. 

I then set about cleaning up the garden. That is a story for another time! 

We left our pumpkins to dry over night and today as I’m typing this I actually realise that they are three pretty decent looking pumpkins. We are so proud of L’s attempt, I can’t wait to see it lit up tonight. My glitter bomb is not perfect and Pinterest should definitely come with a warning but I think it passes muster. Grahams is certainly scary and will fronting our house ready trick or treaters tomorrow night.

Happy Halloween! 

Thanks for reading.

L x 

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Disclaimer – whilst we have mentioned several branded products in this blog post, this is not a sponsored post. Our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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