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Tarragona Tales – A day trip!

February 6, 2017

We recently visited Barcelona and the Costa Daurada, we wanted to see as much as possible so one sunny Saturday we headed down to the port city of Tarragona (around 100km from Barcelona – beware of the toll roads!).

The weather hadn’t really been on our side during our trip so we took the opportunity to sightsee when it was actually sunny and not raining.

Tarragona had been recommended by some friends. There is a wealth of roman history as well as stunning architecture and a bustling port. Now it’s worth noting at this point that Tarragona town centre is more business centred although there are a few shops etc. It’s the historic centre (Part Alta) you want.

Port Museum of Tarragona

Our first stop was the Port Museum of Tarragona. There is underground parking available although it cost around 3 cents per minute to park. Museum entry is €3 per family. It’s not a very large museum which I actually liked, sometimes there is just too much to see! The museum details the Maritime and Port history of Tarragona. Unfortunately we opted not to get the audio guide, I wish we had though as everything is written in Spanish and Catalan.

L was excited to see the large ship exhibits and he loved the models on display. This museum is definitely worth a visit if your in the area!

Port Museum of Tarragona

Now at this point we were thinking only about our bellies so we headed into the old town (Part Alta) of Tarragona. There is parking under the square (again around 3 cents per minute). We found a lovely little tapas restaurant in the square and pretty much stuff ourselves.

We then took a stroll…..perhaps waddle is a better word down to the Roman Amphitheatre, which dates from the 2nd century! You can pay to enter the amphitheatre but we decided not too. You get great views from the outside and I wasn’t sure how much you gain from actually paying to get in. Much of the amphitheatre remains intact and L loved talking about roman soldiers and gladiators!

Tarragona Amphitheatre

We then headed towards Tarragona Cathedral. The great thing about the historic centre of Tarragona is that everything is in easy walking distance. The walk to the cathedral was so pretty, beautiful Spanish architecture and quaint cobbled streets were in abundance.

Exploring the streets of Tarragona

There are little cafes and restaurants dotted about. You could easily lose a few hours in the rabbit warren of streets. The Tarragona Cathedral is nestled amongst all the buildings and sort of happens upon you. Now we had planned on going in to have a look around but L decided that enough was enough and he’d had enough of walking and sightseeing for day.

It was lovely to see the cathedral…if only from the outside. Thankfully right next door is the cutest little cafe where we spent an hour playing dominoes.

Tarragona Cathedral
Domino days!

We made our way back to Barcelona after 20 games of dominoes. We had a thoroughly good day exploring Tarragona. I would definitely like to revisit the city and explore even more of the cobbled streets!

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  1. It’s great that everything is within walking distance (or waddle distance!) and there is so much history at Tarragona. We love to visit the Amphitheatre! Popping over from #ExplorerKids 🙂

  2. What a lovely place to visit. I love it that everywhere was in walking (or waddle) distance and if we were visiting I would definitely head to the amphitheatre it looks wonderful! My hubby would also love the cafes and tapas restaurant ! Thanks for sharing #explorerkids

  3. What a wonderful place to explore! I haven’t heard of Tarragona before and it look like such a friendly place for visitors, escpially for family visitors. I love tapas! They are just the best! The Tarragona Amphitheatre looks Amazing too! I love how it sit next to the seaside. What a wonderful view you get. Poor L – I bet it was a big day for him, great that there was somewhere so nice to just chill out. 🙂 x

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids Linky

    1. We hadn’t heard of Tarragona either until a friend mentioned it. We really enjoyed exploring the streets and the amphitheatre is very impressive, so much remain intact! We would recommend visiting 🙂

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