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Autumn Family Fun Bucket List 

September 21, 2017

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year! I love the changing colours, the smells and the cooler weather. Although after the summer we’ve just had a bit of sunshine wouldn’t go astray! 

Autumn means dusting off the boots and getting scarves and coats ready for the cold morning school run. Its also the start of the Christmas (yes I used the C word) countdown!

We love to get outdoors in Autumn, rain hail or shine. This year we are particularly excited about visiting Cattows Farm pick your own pumpkin field. I can’t wait to see what masterpieces we carve this year, in reality I’m sure our pumpkin artwork will be very messy and perhaps not quite worthy of the pumpkin hall of fame. 

We are also looking forward to going to our local bonfire night. Hot chocolate, wooly hats and fireworks. Perfect! 

Every year it’s a tradition of ours to make Halloween cupcakes. We are big bakers in our house and we all have a terrible sweet tooth. Cupcakes are my favourite cakey treat. 

This year I’ve decided to do a Autumn Family Fun Bucket List. A checklist of things to do indoors and outdoors. Whats’s on your list? 

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