Car Mania at AutoWorld – Brussels

Car Mania at AutoWorld – Brussels

Now I am far from a what you would call a car fan, but the two male members of this family are huge vehicle enthusiasts!

Our 5 year old son has been asking for weeks to visit Brussels large car museum. With the weather due to be rainy and pretty bleak, we decided today was the day to visit AutoWorld, Belgium’s rather impressive homage to the history of the humble motor car.

Located in the European Quarter of Brussels the museum is situated in Parc du Cinquantenaire and it’s directly opposite the Musuem of the Armed Forces.

Entry prices vary but are quite reasonable. The Musuem is privately run and is essentially split over two levels. There are 250 different cars on display over the two levels. Parking is available free of charge, there is good public transport links as well.

Currently celebrating its 30 year anniversary the museum is hosting different events every month. This month is VW Beetle month! There is a great display of Beetles dating from the earliest models to the new release! They even have Herbie on display!

Now I’m not going to pretend to know anything about cars but I can certainly appreciate them! L and G were in their element in AutoWorld! Every two minutes there was a “omg” or “that’s my dream car”.

The museum details the history of the motor vehicle. Right from the earliest motorised versions of what we now drive daily right through to impressive formula one and high performance cars. The Musuem has a great selection of cars produced in Belgium as well as a section about horse drawn vehicles.

We must have spent a good two hours exploring the museum. L was particularly interested in the early model cars and how they worked. He was fascinated by the cars that had wind up engines!

After you’ve explored to your hearts content there is a lovely 1920s esk restaurant (AutoWorld Brasserie) a refreshment or two. Food is available along with amazing looking cocktails. We opted for apple juice and coffee! Prices are what you would expect for a Musuem. The coffee was pretty awesome I have to say!

After our coffee break we visited the gift shop (as you do!). It is more of a model shop with some models costing upwards of €200! L had some pocket money to spent so he opted for a slightly less expensive €10 lamborghini….probably the closest we will ever come to actually owning one!

This ended our first visit to AutoWorld. Would we recommend you visit? Yes definitely! It really doesn’t matter if your not a car person. The models on display are pretty impressive. They are all in pristine condition and we all came away thinking that we would like to visit again!

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