Calke Abbey – The Walled Garden, Derbyshire

Calke Abbey – The Walled Garden, Derbyshire

The gardens of Calke Abbey come alive during the different seasons but particularly in the summer! The Calke Abbey Estate is one of our favourite National Trust estates and we visit as often as we can.

The gardens at Calke are testament to the hard work that has gone into restoring this once neglected estate. The original walled garden which is made up of 350,000 bricks is home to a grand orangery, exotic trees and flowers, a fully working vegetable garden and this summer it is also home to the Garden of Imagination.

The walk to the garden takes you past the main house which is a truly imposing building. You wind your way through the trees following the path. The main entrance is reminiscent of entering the secret garden. You won’t find overgrown ivy and withering trees here though. Greeting you is a palette of colour.

The Garden of Imagination (open every summer) is located towards the top of the walled garden. Here you will find lots of quirky and creative activities spread out across the wild field. Everything from giant beehives to play in, a stage to perform a masterpiece on, crates and wooden bricks for building, scarecrows and much more. There is a tented area to relax with a picnic and a little cafe serving icecream, wood fired pizza and refreshments. We have visited twice this summer and there is hours of fun to be had in the Garden of Imagination.

As your make your way through the many doorways of the walled door you really are treated to some beautiful sights. I think my favourite area is the vegetable garden. There you’ll find blossoming apple trees, giant marrows and pumpkins, herbs, beans and so many lush veggies!

You could easily lose yourself for hours in the walled garden. There are so many wonderful things to see and do and Calke Abbey, the gardens are a definite must when you are visiting.

Good to know –

Park only entry costs:

£3.80 per adult

£1.90 per child

National Trust members: included in membership

Garden costs with gift aid (gives you entry to the stables and gardens):

£10.20 per adult

£5.10 per child

£25.50 Family

National Trust members: included in membership

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    It looks gorgeous. I love a good Nat Trust property. #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Oh me too! I’ve recently become members and are making full use of it 🙂

  2. This National Trust property looks amazing, and I would love to visit. We are members and it’s so handy having membership, that it makes nipping to your local NT property so much easier. I love all the pictures that you have taken here, it certainly makes it looks like a very special place. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! We are so lucky to have this property within 10 minutes on our house! We have really been putting our membership to good use 🙂

  3. Beautiful garden! Thanks for visiting the Glasgow Gallivanter.

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    This looks like a beautiful place to visit ! I love a walled garden, and particularly love the sound of The Garden of Imagination! enchanting 🙂

    • Calke Abbey is one of my favourite National Trust estates and the gardens are just beautiful! I really hope they make the garden of imagination and yearly event in the summer 😃

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