Magic awaits at the National Forest Adventure Farm North Pole Adventure – Staffordshire

Magic awaits at the National Forest Adventure Farm North Pole Adventure – Staffordshire

Since having our little boy the true magic of Christmas has returned to our adult lives! This year L is so excited about the festive season. In fact he’s been counting the days since Halloween. Every year we try to attend at least one lovely Christmas event, whether it’s visiting Father Christmas’ grotto or exploring wonderful Christmas markets.

This year I really wanted to do something extra special. When the National Forest Adventure Farm invited us to visit their brand new North Pole Adventure experience I was so excited!

The National Forest Adventure Farm is a family farm located just outside Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. There are animals in abundance, fantastic indoor and outdoor play areas and amazing events throughout the year. This year the farm is home to the North Pole!

The North Pole Adventure is open every weekend leading up to Christmas and various other dates. When you book you can choose from two hour time slots scheduled throughout the day. Entry to the North Pole Adventure is staggered to ensure that you have the best possible experience. On booking you are asked to provide the names of the children visiting along with their favourite toys and games. The reason for this becomes clear during your visit!

Our visit the North Pole Adventure

We booked the 10.25am time slot. When we arrived we were directed to the ticket office. L was given his personalised ticket, which went down a treat. We were then directed to the North Pole Adventure. Let the magic begin!

Our tour guides to the North Pole were the fantastic elves of the Polar Expedition Tour Co. L was given his passport for collecting special stamps along the way and he was presented with elf coins (the only currency accepted in the North Pole). The adults also received elf coins as well. We then made our way to the departure gate.

We were met by a very friendly elf who needed a little help to open the portal to the North Pole. We all had to repeat the special rhyme and magically our portal was open. By this stage it was clear that even the adults in our group were giddy with excitement.

We made our way through the portal and found ourselves transported to the North Pole. Another elf helper directed us into the enchanting elf village. I honestly felt like I had been transported to another world (Narnia comes to mind!). In the elf village you’ll find Bah Humbugs Sweet Shop where children can spend their elf coins. Grown ups will be pleased to know that there is also a victorian style pub where you can purchase mulled wine and hot chocolate with your elf coins! L had a ball making glittery baubles in the craft workshop.

Next stop is the elf mail depot. Children get to help sort the parcels to ensure the elves are ready for Christmas. Our journey then continued with a walk through the enchanted wintery forest and into Father Christmas’ sleigh shed. Here we met an elf who needed a bit of help to fix the sleigh. We were instructed to collect something extra special from a very special friend in the next room!

L was itching to find out who he was going to meet. We were excited because we knew we were going to meet a “real” polar bear. This friendly polar bear is an animatronic bear who is programmed with all of the children’s names and favourite toys etc (remember the information I mentioned is requested on booking). We took our seats and were invited into a magical ice world. Watching the children’s eyes light up as he spoke to each of them was truly wonderful. I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises but this polar bear is a pretty cool bear who can make amazing things happen. L was mesmorised, I think this was his favourite part of the experience. We also discovered how to fix Father Christmas’ sleigh…magic dust!

We then headed for the gorgeous kitchen of Mother Christmas for some gingerbread men decorating. L was in his element, he loves baking and decorating so he went to town on his biscuit. He then devoured it in thirty seconds! I have to admit they did smell so good.

Next up is Elf training school. Little elves learn how to be good elves so that they can visit Father Christmas. We had a really good laugh and L loved being a bit silly. Here he collected his last passport stamp which meant we were ready to see the big man himself.

The great thing about this part of the experience is that there are multiple Father Christmas’ which means no massive waits and grumpy children. L loved his visit with Father Christmas, he was so jolly and kind. You are allowed to take as many photos as you want. We had a professional photo taken as well. Father Christmas then told L that he could enter his workshop and choose anything he wanted. Personally I think this is a fantastic idea. L chose a lovely big cuddly bear, he is a big teddy bear fan!

We then went to look at our photo with Father Christmas, which we decided not to buy because silly me was looking the wrong way. Unfortunately it was then time to leave the North Pole and head back to the real world.

Once you have finished in the North Pole Adventure you are free to explore the rest of the farm. We headed into the enormous softplay area for a warm drink and cake.

Our final thoughts

We really didn’t know what to expect from the North Pole Adventure. So many times with Christmas events you go expecting something magical but in reality they are a bit disappointing. Well I can honestly say that this is not the case with the North Pole Adventure. It is the best Christmas event we have ever experienced. The whole adventure is undercover which means the weather can’t spoil your day. The group sizes are small making for a lovely personal experience and they have also thought about the adults! The attention to detail and the atmosphere they have created is amazing. We can’t wait to visit again next year!

Top tip

Hang on to your passport. This entitles you one free child entry on your next visit (date restrictions apply)

Good to know

Ticket prices – prices vary depending on the time and day you visit. Gold and Silver members receive discount. Please visit the National Forest Adventure Farm website for full ticket and booking information.

2019 dates – 23rd November to 24 December (selected dates)

NEW FOR 2019

There are some exciting new activities this year include the North Pole Time Keeper activity and the Elf Workshop activitiy.

Image credit: National Forest Adventure Farm

Parking – there is a large free carpark available at the farm.

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Disclaimer – we were provided with tickets to the North Pole Adventure for the purposes of this review. Our thoughts and opinions are our own.



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