Smurfs and Tin Tin at the MOOF Museum – Brussels

Smurfs and Tin Tin at the MOOF Museum – Brussels

One rainy Sunday in Brussels we found a Smurf Village!

Whilst visiting the Belgian capital we were looking for an indoor activity, as it was pouring with rain. We aren’t ones to sit around all day so we started looking online. Google provided a few suggestions, one that was rather intriguing was the MOOF Museum!

The what you say? That was our reaction. Located pretty much in the centre of Brussels we soon discovered that MOOF is an anagram for the Musuem of Original Figurines. Still none the wiser we looked at the website which unfortunately is mostly in French and Dutch. A closer look at some reviews revealed that this museum is actually dedicated to the comic book and cartoon history of Belgium. So we decided to give it a go.

Located very centrally (sandwiched between the Novotel Hotel and the Ibis), the MOOF Museum is not hard to miss. There is a giant smurf outside

There is parking available under the Ibis Hotel. It is quite pricey though at €2.30 per hour. Entry prices to the musuem vary. We paid €23 for two adults and one child.

This musuem is dedicated mostly to Belgian comic creations such as Tin Tin, Asterix and of course The Smurfs. It charts the history of each from the early comic books to the animated versions. The figurines are incredibly impressive! Unfortunately most of the information is printed in French and Dutch (we are still working on both) but this doesn’t stop you from appreciating the fun, craftsmanship and history. It’s a musuem full of colour and exciting characters.

There are other characters through out, some probably a bit obsurce but still enjoyable. We didn’t have a clue who some of them were. We particularly loved a giant slightly terrifying yet strangely friendly looking troll!

You can visit different rooms and enjoy life size figurines of Tin Tin. There is also a little theatre with the Adventures of Tin Tin showing all day. L and G particularly liked the gaming area with modern and retro versions of Asterix and Tin Tin games to play.

There is a section with some Marvel and DC comic book characters such as Spiderman and Batman.

It doesn’t take long to make your way around. I would say we spent around an hour exploring. It’s a one way system you follow so you end up back at where you started…in the gift shop! There is an great collection of figurines for sale. Some priced at over €2500! Pretty sure G would have snapped up a rather amazing model of the Millenium Falcon if we’d had a spare €2000.

Our overall impression of the MOOF Museum was excellent. Although I will say I think it’s overpriced. You certainly can’t spent an entire day here. It is definitely worth a visit though if you’re in the Brussels.

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    Wow, look at the detail and the size of this figures. As lover of Belgium comics I must travel here and took pictures of my own hopefully with few comics next to them. Did you guys enjoy the trip?

    • We absolutely loved our visit to the MOOF Museum! The figurines are fantastic and a definite must do if your a lover of Belgian comics 🙂

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        I am indeed a lover of comics and if you say you enjoy that much than sure game in it