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My Top 5 Travel Movies 

September 12, 2017

We are big movie fans in our house! In fact we have a whole wall dedicated to movie memorabilia. Unfortunately these days we don’t get to the cinema nearly as much as we’d like too!

As a little bit of fun I thought I’d share with you my five favourite travel movies. Some inspire me and others are just plain fun!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert 

This movie has to be at the top of my list! I’m an expat Aussie and every thing about this film makes me happy. It’s a story of discovery, friendship and ultimately one great big adventure! I grew up in the outback so the scenery in this movie takes me home. If this doesn’t make you want to wander the Australian outback nothing will…..frocks are optional! 

Eat Pray Love

Based on the bestselling novel this movie is a story of self discovery which involves eating in Italy, praying in India and finding love in Bali. What’s not too love? James Franco is also a massive bonus!

Under the Tuscan Sun 

Now this one is a guilty pleasure! Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Tuscany this movie is about lost love, new beginnings and about taking chances! I think I like this so much because it reminds me of my own journey in life.


One of my absolute favourites! Wild is the story of one woman’s quest to walk the entire Pacific Crest Trail (USA). Its inspirational and breathtaking. This film will have you buying walking boots and a backpack ready for your own adventure! 

The Hobbit Trilogy 

Now some might say that this trilogy of epic movies aren’t travel related. Nor is Middle Earth even a real place. Ah but this is where they are incorrect. Based on the wonderful masterpiece written by J.R.R Tolkien this is the ultimate travel story. In fact Bilbo travelled for 13 months across Middle Earth. He went there and back again!

Now Middle Earth might be a fictional place but let’s face it New Zealand really is Middle Earth! We are currently planning our own Middle Earth quest for Easter 2018.

Mr B wanted me to add Star Trek to the list because he says that theres not bigger adventure than going to space. Maybe one day Star Trek won’t be just a movie and will make onto the list!

There is so so many more I could have listed but theses are definitely my favourites! 

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L x 

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