Red Star Line Museum – Antwerp

Red Star Line Museum – Antwerp

We took a little overnighter to Antwerp recently and decided to explore the Port area of the city (Eilandje). It’s an area we haven’t really spent much time in so with the sunny shining our first port of call (pun intended!) was the Red Star Line Museum.

This Musuem is dedicated to telling the story of emigrants from all over Europe who journeyed on the Red Star Line ships across the seas to America and Canada from 1873 to 1934. Over two million men, women and children made this journey in search of a new life.

The Musuem is housed within the building where most of those courageous souls started their journey, the examination centre. Where they were screened, washed and registered before starting their long voyage.

This Museum is truly fascinating and really quite inspirational. Whilst the stories are often that of hardship, of families leaving behind loved ones to head across the sea maybe never to return. You can’t help but admire them for wanting to seek out new opportunities and adventures.

The museum itself probably takes around an hour to explore. After you have visited the various rooms you can then make the climb (or take the lift) to the viewing tower which overlooks the beautiful Port of Antwerp.

Once you have explored this fabulous Musuem you can enjoy a drink and light bite to eat in the cafe. Price are reasonable and it’s lovely to sit and watched old B&W footage of passengers boarding ships.

We all really enjoyed this Museum! I wasn’t really sure if it would interest L but he was full of questions and he loved the ship models. We ended our visit to the Red Star Line Museum in the gift shop as usual where we purchased some lovely postcards!

Need to know –

Entry prices (correct 2017)

€8 per adult

€6 pension and young person (12-26)

Children under 12 are free

Getting There

The Museum is easy walking distance from some of the Port hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express Antwerp City North and is situated in the Eilandje area of city. See below for other transport options:

Transport to the Red Star Line Museum

We highly recommend the Red Star Line Museum, there is something for everyone and it’s a fascinating insight into the port history of Antwerp.

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