Disneyland Paris Meal Plan Review

Disneyland Paris Meal Plan Review

One cold night in January we decided to book a very last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. We booked direct with Disney and left the next morning on a very early flight….yes that last minute!

We booked into the Newport Bay Club Hotel, mainly due to the fact that there was a fantastic offer of a free full board meal plan included in the package. We had stayed at the New York Hotel previously and thought the Newport looked amazing so we are over the moon to get 3 nights/4 days plus tickets and a full board plan for under £700.

We have never used a meal plan previously but we were keen to try it out. I was amazed to find out that we actually had the Plus plan included in the package. I honestly thought it would be the Standard plan (given that it was free!), I’d have been happy with the standard so the Plus was a huge bonus.

I do believe that with the free board plans you get are dependant on the hotel you book. If you book one of the value hotels (Cheyenne, Santa Fe and the Davy Crockett ranch) you receive the Standard package. The Sequoia, Newport Bay and New York are Plus and the Disneyland Hotel is Premium. Remember this was the free dining offer! There’s nothing to stop you buying the premium plan if your staying at the Santa Fe for example.

It’s worth mentioning that the current meal plans change on the 29th March to coincide with the 25th Anniversary celebrations. I’ll try cover that a little later.

Based on current prices the Plus meal plan is £47 per adult and £23 per child (making a total of £117 per day for our family – 2 adults and one child). See below for full information about each plan.

Meal plan prices to 29th March 2017

As our booking was very last minute we made our meal reservations at the time of booking. I would recommend booking as soon as possible, we didn’t get all of our choices but we were super happy with the ones we did managed to book.

On arrival you will receive your vouchers. Breakfast is at your hotel and you then have vouchers for lunch and dinner. Each voucher entitles you to a starter, main, dessert and soft drink usually from a set menu. You will also receive Pause Gourmande “Tea time treat” vouchers that can be used between 3pm and 6pm for a snack (these can be used at numerous places – it’s worth noting that you don’t get a huge choice but for us a warm drink and a donut was welcomed in freezing temperatures! – (Please note that the Pause Gourmande Vouchers are no longer available).

I thought I’d break each day down to briefly review each restaurant and I will also note how much we would have paid had we not have the meal plan.

First I thought I’d discuss breakfast. This was served daily at the hotel. At the Newport you either have breakfast in the Yacht Club or Cape Cod (the buffet restaurant at the Newport Bay). Breakfast is fairly basic but there was a good selection of hot and cold food. There was pastries in abundance and made a good start to the day. Having had breakfast at the New York and the Newport Bay Club I would say that they were pretty similar.

Now for the restaurants (please excuse the terrible photos)

Day One (Sunday)

Agrabah Cafe (Adventure Land) – we booked here for lunch on our first day. We’d heard great things and it didn’t disappoint! The restaurant is buffet dining so quite relaxed and informal. The theming is amazing and the food is delicious. You choice from a wide range of starters, mains and desserts. I would say that there is something for everyone! You order your drinks at the reservation desk so they are basically waiting for you when you sit down. We highly recommend the Agrabah Cafe.

Total Cost: €85.90

Agrabah Cafe

Silverspur Steakhouse (Frontier Land) – we hadn’t heard much about the Silverspur but we were pleasantly surprised. The theming is fairly neutral with a slight Western feel. This is a waiter service restaurant and you choose from a set menu. There is a good range to choice from, we of course went for the steak for main and L chose the spaghetti bolognese. Service was a bit slow but the food was excellent!

Total Cost: €91.94

Silverspur Starter

Day Two (Monday)

We opted to purchase lunch in the Hollywood Studios. The main reason for this was so we could use one of our vouchers for Cafe Mickey on our final day. You receive vouchers based on the number of nights you stay. So for 3 nights you receive 3 lunch vouchers and 3 dinner vouchers.

Bistrot Chef Remy (Hollywood Studios) – we were so excited that we managed to get a reservation at Bistrot Remy. It was an early reservation (5pm) but we didn’t mind. This is a waiter service restaurant and again you choose from a set menu. The theming in this restaurant is just fantastic. As your seated your waiter tell you that your now the size of mice. There are giant plates, spoons, forks and even tables with bottle top chairs. Beautiful giant fairy lights line the ceiling and you really do feel the size of mice! Service was excellent and the food even better. We can’t recommend Bistrot Remy enough!

Total Cost: €97.97

Bistrot Chef Remy – Dessert

Day Three (Tuesday)

Plaza Gardens (Disney Main Street) – as with the Silverspur we hadn’t heard much about this restaurant. It’s located just opposite the castle in the Disneyland Park. The restaurant is buffet style with a fantastic range of starters, mains and desserts. I think we actually preferred this to the Agrabah Cafe. The theming is quite Art Deco Americana 1920s style (brilliant description lol). L preferred the selection of food from the buffet here. They even have a sweet bar!!

Total Cost: €87.97

Yacht Club Restaurant (Newport Bay Club) – this was our last dinner and boy was it nice. We watched the fireworks and then headed back to the hotel for our reservation. The Yacht Club is one of two restaurants at the Newport Bay Club. The restaurant has a nautical theme and overlooks the lake. Dining is quite intimate and is definitely in the fine dining category. I kind of wished we’d dressed up a bit! The set menu had a great selection and our waiter was fab. We all really enjoyed our meals. You don’t need to be staying at the Newport to dine in the Yacht Club. It is quite a walk from the park to the hotel so you would probably want to make this restaurant a dinner visit, maybe on your way back to your hotel. It was a great choice, the food was delicious.

Day Four (Wednesday)

Cafe Mickey (Disney Village) – we decided to end our visit on a high with a lunch at Cafe Mickey. We were treated to a visit from Mickey, Goofy, Tigger, Eeyore and Hare. We ordered from a set menu, this restaurant was actually the highest value overall. The theming was fairly neutral, decorated mainly in bright colours. Its probably not as disneyfied as I would have thought. Unfortunately I have to say that the food was pretty mediocre and the service was awful. It was fantastic to meet the characters, L was super excited. It just wasn’t as good I had hoped it would be. I think we would go back, you never know they may have been having an off day.

Total Cost: €114.98

Cafe Mickey – Desserts

Cafe Mickey was pretty much the end of our trip to Disneyland Paris. We headed back to the Newport to collect our bags and then it was time to head home.

Now to crunch the numbers! As you can see had we paid for every meal of total meal costs for 3 nights/4 days would have been a whopping €592.83. This doesn’t even include drinks. That was almost the cost of our entire holiday. Needless to say we were over the moon with that.

Now had you paid for a meal plan it would have been €351 so that’s still a massive saving of €241.83. In my mind it would have been worth every penny.

As I said earlier things the meal plans are changing from the 29th March 2017. The onsite hotels will no longer offer breakfast in the price of the room. If you receive a free plan as part of your package you will receive a quick service voucher for breakfast. This can be used at the Cafe Hyperion (in the main Disneyland park). If you add and pay for a meal plan then your breakfast will be at your Disney hotel. The meal plan prices are going up as you can imagine. For the Plus plan the prices will be £63 per adult and £44 per child (correct October 2018).

2018 Meal Plan Prices

To sum everything up quickly because this was a looong blog post. Do we think that the meal plans are worth it. The answer is 100% yes. Particularly if you buy the Plus or Premium plans. Even after the price rises it still would have saved us over €150 (correct 2017) so if you can bag it for free then your onto a winner.

There are cheaper ways to eat within the parks but I personally think the choice and quality of the restaurants on the plans makes it worth the purchase.

Thanks for reading x

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Disclaimer – the above opinions are based on our own personal experience. This is not a sponsored review or ad just our thoughts about the Disneyland Paris dining plans. All details are correct at the time of publishing (2017)



  1. Martin

    Would you recommend the full board over the half? We’re a family of 5- 2 adults 3 kids aged 5, 3 & 1.

    • We found full board was alot of food! Particularly as we chose sit down meals. I believe that under 3s are not included on meal plans and you would need to purchase food for them. I would say that if half board included free than just take snacks for in between. Eat at the buffets so that you can fill your boots 🙂