A day trip to Tibidabo Mountain – Barcelona

A day trip to Tibidabo Mountain –  Barcelona

Whilst visiting the stunning city of Barcelona, we decided to venture up Tibidabo. A mountain overlooking the Spanish city. It’s actually the tallest mountain (512m) in the Serra de Collserola.

From the centre of Barcelona it’s around 12 km via car. The journey is around 35 minutes and as you can imagine quite hair raising at times (well kind of!). The roads are windy but boy you are treated to some amazing views on the way up. If you haven’t access to a car don’t worry the public transport in Barcelona is good and there are several options including the Tibidabo Funicular and Tibidabo shuttle.

There is parking at the summit. It’s quite reasonable at €10 per day. Once we’d arrived at the summit we realised that the mountain was home to two of the most random and polar opposite tourist attractions. Firstly the stunning Sacrat Cor (Sacred Heart of Jesus) Church and secondly the Tibidabo Amusement Park, a 100 year old Amusement Park with 25 different rides. There are also homes on the summit as well a couple of restaurants

Being winter the Amusement Park was closed, I believe it reopens in March. We headed from the carpark up a rather steep hill! It was at that moment I realised….I definitely forgot leg day!

The church stands on two levels. There are stairs either side of the main entrance and you can walk up to the lower terrace that surrounds the church. If you enter via the main entrance (home to the crypts) you can take the lift which costs €3 per person (children are free) to the upper terrace of the church. From there you can climb stairs to the very top of the spires

Being January and given the altitude (512 metres above sea level) it was freezing! The wind was blowing like mad and L thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. We had planned to climb the stairs the top but there are narrow and spiral so we decided they weren’t ideal for L. You are treated to truly spectacular 360 degree views from the level we were on so I don’t think we missed much.

We didn’t spent long at the top. 5 year olds can only deal with so much view gazing.

The lift or rather the lovely gentleman in the lift delivers you to the ground floor of the church. You can then take in the beautiful interior before making your way onto the enormous terrace.

Now I don’t know what it is about stairs and 5 year olds but when they see stairs they’ve just got to go….at break neck speed! The stairs either side of the terrace led back down to the main entrance. There is a small gift shop that sells a few souvenirs and drinks.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit the Amusement Park, it did look like fun though. It’s such a strange combination, Tibidabo certainly has something for everyone.

Our bellies were rumbling by then and as the main restaurant was closed we decided to head down the mountain. There was another little restaurant near the carpark but we decided to find somewhere nearer the centre of Barcelona. We did use the facilities though and I have to say the outdoor toilets had a pretty impressive view!

We would definitely recommend taking a trip up Tibidabo. The views alone are worth the trek. Whilst the church is quite modern it’s architecture is amazing!

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